Local truck sales not hampered by high gas prices

Lawton_In spite of rising gas prices, local truck dealers say buyers in our area are bucking the national trend.  They say their sales aren't significantly down.   The local GMC dealer typically sells four times as many trucks than cars. This month, they've already sold 8 trucks and 2 cars.

Dealers say many military personnel want big, powerful trucks as they return home, and the price of gas isn't enough of a factor to change their minds.   Trucks are also needed for farming and ranching.  "I don't think you're ever going to see people in our area steer completely away from trucks," said Stephen Swad, the general sales manager at the local Toyota dealership. "But what they're gonna do is look for the best deal they can get on a truck, and they're gonna look for the best fuel economy they can get on a truck."

Dealers say buyers also trade across. Mid-size car owners stick to mid-size cars. People used to driving SUV's stick with them, as newer models are upgrades on old ones. People do look at hybrid SUV's, but lawton doesn't get too many. The ones that do come sell out quickly. Ford makes a hybrid SUV, but doesn't send any here--they're shipped to bigger cities where they're more useful.