Lucky Lawton family receives keys to new Habitat home

Lawton_On Friday, one lucky family in Lawton received the keys to a unique Habitat for Humanity home.  Hundreds of volunteers have been toiling this week to provide a mother and her severely handicapped son with a home that will drastically improve their lives.  The finishing touches are being added to the house, and all that is left to do are some paint touch-ups and a quick wipe down of the floors - and the home went up in only five days, volunteers working with dedication every step of the way.

Skilled and unskilled volunteers worked side-by-side, constructing cabinets and walls.  Some of those now form part of the new owners' beautiful kitchen.  Volunteers say it's amazing what a community can do when it comes together.  "It symbolizes more than just a home, because a home in the United States is the American dream," said one volunteer.  "We'll be able to give the American dream to a family."

An important addition to the home is a ceiling track and lift for the son of the new owner, Carmen.  For years, she has been lifting her 130-pound son in and out of his bed and the bathtub.  The track and lift will now do the work, and Carmen can worry less about injuring her son or herself.

Builders waited patiently for supplies, progress, and inspector approvals, and said they were anxious for the opportunity to hand over the keys to Carmen and her son.  "The presentation of the key is a special event," said another volunteer.  "First of all, it represents to us accomplishment that we helped another family out.  For the homeowner it's a life changing experience."

Count on 7News to let you know how Carmen and her son react to the finished product, live at 6 p.m.