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Cameron University offers carpooling option

Lawton_Cameron University students who are feeling an economic squeeze from the rising cost of fuel now have the option to carpool.  Since there are so many students who commute to campus daily, Cameron officials say that they wanted to create a program that would help them battle fuel costs.  So, the "Campus Carpool" was created.  Students can go online and check out who is headed to the same destination on campus as they are, and catch a ride.

Gas has become so expensive that students say they'll try anything to save some money.  "I actually think it's a really good idea because obviously gas prices are out of this world right now," says Dean of Student Services Jennifer Holland.  She says the Aggie carpool message board will make it easy for students to see when and where other classmates will be driving.  "We created a web site that allows students to interact online and create relationships, and to be able arrangements to be able to carpool with other students," says Holland.

The site is simple to use.  Students can follow step-by-step instructions online where they will find potential carpoolers from sixteen different cities or city areas.  "They have a message board online, where people can post, ‘Hey, I'm from Duncan.  I'm traveling these days a week at this time," Holland says. 

Since Cameron has a lot of students that commute from surrounding cities, many feel that they'll be utilizing this program much more.  "A lot of my friends live in Duncan or in Cache, they don't live in Lawton," said student Ciera Schibi.  "I think it will be really helpful for them to save money."  "I think it's a good start to save gas if you're from Duncan or from out of town," said Admissions Counselor Kara Morris.

School officials say the carpoolers can then decide if they would like to rotate who drives, or if they prefer to split the cost of fuel.  Another benefit - more available parking spaces.  "Sometimes the parking lots get over crowded, and this would help with that problem," said student Bryant Pirtle. 

Cameron officials say that they don't doubt the program will be a hit.  "Especially if gas prices go up the way they are supposed to, to five dollars a gallon, I don't think they'll have a problem finding people to do it," says Morris.

Although the site is relatively new, it already has some postings for carpooling - all from out of town.  The Dean of Student Services also says the program will not only be good for students' wallets, but would also have a positive impact on the environment by reducing the amount of vehicles on the road.

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