Lawton man accused of embezzling cash, giving friends sweet deal

Lawton_Police say Jonathan Shurburn of Lawton stole money from his job, and gave his friends a sweet deal in the process.  He is accused of embezzling cash from a local sporting goods store, and investigators say he took at least a couple of thousand dollars from Hibbett's Sports over the past three months.  As it turns out, he was an assistant manager of the store's Central Mall location.

According to court records, Shurburn's boss called police after learning he had been taking home more money than just his paycheck, and detectives say he came clean when they talked to him.  "He admitted to me he would have his friends come into the store and purchase things from him at a discounted price, and he wouldn't ring them up...he would just pocket the cash," said Lawton Police Detective Brad Davis.

Investigators say that some of their best evidence may be Shurburn's own actions.  "Hibbett's claims they have him on tape committing these crimes," said Davis.  The store says it happened on multiple occasions during Shurburn's three-month employment at Hibbett's.  "He made somewhere in the neighborhood of about $2,000," said Davis.  "The retail value of the merchandise was closer to around $7,500."

The retail value of the merchandise Shurburn is accused of stealing is what he could owe to the store if he is convicted and restitution is ordered.  Shurburn told the police that he knew he could get in trouble for what he did, but he did so anyway.  "He was claiming he needed extra money to provide for his family," said Davis.

Jonathan Shurburn is charged with one count of embezzlement, but investigators have not closed the case yet.  They say they are still investigating whether other employees were involved.  His bond was set at $1,000 and he is set to return to court in August.

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