Samurai shootout in Lawton

Lawton_A Lawton man came home to find two strangers in his home on Tuesday afternoon.  Once entering his house, the two attacked him, hitting him over the head.  The homeowner was able to gain access to a gun in his home, and fired several shots at the two invaders, when police say the two intruders shot back with guns they had brought.  The homeowner chased them out of the house, shooting at their vehicle - but, they escaped on foot.  In an interesting twist, police say a Samurai sword at the scene may have also played a role in the altercation.

Police say the sword came from inside the house, and they aren't sure whether the invaders used it to hit the homeowner over the head.  The case is still under investigation.  "It's unclear why they were in his house, but an altercation happened in which he was hit over the head with an unknown object," says Lawton Police Department Deputy Chief James Apple.  "He was able to locate his weapon in the house, at which time he fired unknown amount of rounds towards the two individuals.  They apparently were armed, and returned fire."

Police say that even though each side was aiming for each other - no one was hit.  "We have no evidence here at the scene, any casings, that we have any body shot," says Apple.  "There was no blood evidence here at the scene.  Likewise, we have not received any calls during this time duration from any of the hospitals."

The only injury was to the homeowner when he was hit on the head with an unknown object.  "The Samurai sword does belong inside the house, it may be the object he was hit with - he's not sure," says Apple.  "So that's where the sword comes in."  But, despite the fact that the homeowner was chasing the two out of his house with gunfire, they still managed to escape.  "Last time they were seen, they were seen running out of the residence," Apple says.  "We're unsure as to where they went.  We did, in the neighborhood, come up with a couple of individuals that might possibly fit the description."

The homeowner has not been able to identify the suspects, determine if anything is missing, or confirm if the Samurai sword was used in the attack.  At this time, police are not pressing charges against the homeowner who was within his right to protect himself and his property.  Police are not yet calling this a burglary - just a break in.

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