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Man holding garage sale gets scammed, writer of bogus check skips town

Lawton_Garage sales are supposed to be an easy way to get rid of stuff you don't need anymore, and make a profit.  But, a Lawton man says his recent sale turned into a big headache.  That's after Nancy Collins wrote him a check for a freezer that turned out to be bogus.  It turns out the account had even been closed.  The District Attorney's office says Collins has written several bad checks and has a warrant out for her arrest.

The victim, Jamie Gonzalez, sent an email asking four our help, not only with recovering his money, but also to warn other garage sellers.  He is the first to admit that taking a check at his garage sale wasn't the best idea.  "I didn't even think about it, I just took the check, made the sale, and it turned out to be a real headache," he says. 

Gonzalez thought he was making $65 from the sale of his freezer, but after discovering that the check was bad, he's not only out money and merchandise, he has to pay his bank a $25 bad check fee.  "Sold it to an individual which turned out to be a scam artist passing bad checks around garage sales," he says.  "I guess that's what they do."

Gonzalez says he called the son-in-law of the person who wrote the check, and the man agreed to take care of the matter.  "He said he would try and let her know so we can get it resolved," says Gonzalez.  "We don't want any problems, and everything was working out fine."  But then, the son-in-law stopped answering his phone.  "They just kept on hanging up on me," he says.  "Never returned a phone call, and that's when I decided to contact you."

On Friday, 7News accompanied Gonzalez to the check writer's home, and Lawton Police were there to ensure nothing got out of hand.  After several knocks at the door, a woman answered.  She said her mother wrote the check and was now in California.  A short time later, the son-in-law arrived and said he would pay Gonzalez for the freezer along with the returned check fee Friday evening.  "I made a mistake," says Gonzalez.  "I accepted a check.  Lesson learned.  But I want other people to know hey, these people are out there and don't fall victim like we did."


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