Kids + Hot cars = Danger

LAWTON_ The first full week of summer is here and it's definitely going to feel like it. Temperatures are expected in the upper 90s, and that's not even counting the humidity. With the blistering heat, Lawton police and firefighters are putting out a big reminder: do not leave kids and pets in a hot car. It can be deadly.

Even with relatively cool temperatures in the 80's, it can easily get above 100 degrees in a closed car. So this week with the heat and humidity outside spiking temperatures above 100 degrees, it becomes even more deadly to leave kids and pets in your car, even for a minute. "Just in a matter of minutes, 10 minutes, temperatures in a car can reach well above 120 degrees," said Lt. Mike McDaniels with the Lawton Fire Department.

That's why Lawton firefighters are reminding you this summer, when you get out of the car, always take your kids and pets with you. "A lot of times, people feel like it's a hassle to get their kids out, when they're just going to run into the store," McDaniels said. "It's just way too dangerous to leave kids in a car."

Pets can't sweat, that's why they pant. And though young children can sweat, their bodies aren't strong enough to stand the heat like adults. So think of it this way: we all know what it's like to get into a car that's been sitting out in the sun, but imagine not being able to escape from that heat. "When you get in a car like that, it just suffocates you," McDaniels said.

If you come across a car with a child or pet inside, call 9-1-1 immediately. Every summer people continue to make this mistake, and you can help cut down the risk of death if you see it happening.

Also be weary of the dangers of heat exhaustion. The fire department warns people to keep hydrated, and stay out of the sun for extended periods of time whenever possible.