Wii not just for kids anymore

Lawton_Video games aren't only for kids anymore, now their interesting a new generation - grandparents, and even great-grandparents.  Recently, a Nintendo Wii was donated to the Fort Sill Veteran's Center in Lawton, and now you can hardly pry the controllers from the veterans' hands.  What's such good news about it is that the Wii exercises both mind and body.  Many veterans are wheelchair bound and can't physically bowl.  Now, they have the bowling alley right on front of them - on their TV.  They all agree that it's a great way to stay physically and mentally active.

If you're ever looking for Jimmy Davis, Steve Palzynsky, or Robert Callaway when you visit the center, look no further than in front of the big-screen TV.  You won't see any couch potatoes, though.  These guys are avid bowlers.  They say they play every day and it's such good exercise that it's as good as the real thing.  The three say they're hooked.  "Well I'm hooked pretty good," said Palczynsky.  "He's hooked [Robert], Jimmy's hooked, Callaway's hooked, the women are hooked - we're all hooked on it."

While Jimmy says they're all friends, he says it gets pretty competitive sometimes.  "We get to hollerin' at each other sometimes," he laughed.  Steve hadn't rolled a bowling ball down an alley in years, but he says it's just like the real thing.  "I'm 88 years old and I'm trying to stay up with the crowd," said Palczynsky.  Callaway, who had just won a round of bowling, said that all he needed was a little instruction to start having fun right away.  "They just showed me how and I picked it up," he said.

A lot of veterans at the center have gotten the hang of the new technology, and are now caught up in the Nintendo craze.  But, they say they don't mind being addicted - they say it's good for their health.

Palzynsky helps to teach the new players at the center.  "When I see them, where they can't move or something, I'll help them out one way or another," he said.  "That's all there is to it, I love it!"

The vets love it!  While it seems that Wii bowling is by far the most popular, they also enjoy golf, tennis, baseball, and boxing.  Palzynsky said that the game he's looking forward to the most is a new curling game (an ice sport game).  Studies have show than the Nintendo Wii helps with all sorts of health problems, and at the Fort Sill Veteran's Center, they say they believe it has even the blood pressure of some veterans.