Twist in hearing for inmates accused in prison killing

Lawton_Two inmates accused of beating another inmate to death at the Geo Prison in Lawton appeared in court Monday.  Investigators say Michael Rose and Brandon Horne killed Charles Willingham after Willingham refused to pay money for protection.

Today, the prosecution brought a protected witness to the stand to confirm his testimony from an earlier hearing.  The witness confirmed that he was in the victim's cell when Rose and Horne beat Willingham to death.

But, the defense attorney then said it was the other way around. He claims that witness was actually the one who did the beating. T he attorney said that witness disposed of his own bloody clothes by shredding them and flushing them down a prison toilet.

All media was asked to leave the courtroom after this statement.  The judge said it was in order to protect the witness's identity.

The next hearing is July 11th.  The trial is tentatively scheduled for September 2008.