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Suspected predator nabbed in Duncan

Duncan_A 32-year-old Duncan man is in police custody in Stephens County after officials say he solicited sex from an underage girl.  Shane Reyes is charged with lewd or indecent proposals to a child under 16, a felony. He has not entered a plea.

Investigators got a call Tuesday afternoon from the mother of the girl Reyes is accused of soliciting. She found sexual messages on her daughter's phone and computer, and worked with the Stephens County District Task Force to catch Reyes. 

The mother talked to Reyes on the phone, pretending to be her teenage daughter,with the task force recording the calls.  "During the first contact, she told him ‘hey, i'm really 15' and that's really kinda what started it, said Task Force Investigator Justin Scott.   "He continued the conversations, continued to be provocative in the conversations.

They arranged to meet at Duncan's Kiddieland in Fuqua Park, and officials caught him in the parking lot near the carousel around 10 pm., just six hours after learning about Reyes from the girl's mother.  The task force found condoms and some unlabeled prescription drugs in Reyes' truck.

The girl Reyes stands accused of soliciting is actually 16, and the felony charge is for indecent proposals to a child 15 or younger. Since Reyes believed she was 15, he faces the greater felony charge.

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