Burglary victim begs for return of deceased son's keepsakes

Lawton_A Lawton woman hopes thieves will bring back some things they took---keepsakes of her son who died, at 20, of meningitis.

Luvenia Caldwell came home Wednesday afternoon and heard a noise from a back room.  She noticed several things missing, including jewelry, and found her bathroom window open.  The back door was also open, but the security gate was locked.  She thinks someone heard her come home and tried to leave out the door, but was trapped and escaped through the window.  They have security bars on the windows and doors, but they had to take some off for an FHA inspection while they were buying the house.

Caldwell says she was out for only about 45 minutes, to finalize the purchase of the house, and that's when thieves took advantage of the missing bars and broke in.

She saw drawers lying on the floor, and her jewelry case lying on the bed. Her wedding ring and jewelry were gone.  And other things were missing--things that belonged to her son, Dalton, who died of meningitis in 2000,  at the age of 20.  "They took what was left, what I had left of my son, and I would like to have it back," Caldwell said.  "This is why I'm here.  I'm pleading.  I know someone knows something."

Caldwell says she will offer a cash reward to get back her son's belongings. She asks for anyone with information to contact Lawton police or us here at 7NEWS, at 355-6397.