Support the Porter Hill Volunteer Fire Department - buy fireworks

Comanche County_July 4 is only four days away, and fireworks stand sales are in full swing.  One stand is operated by the Porter Hill Volunteer Fire Department, where they are selling Roman candles and rockets to fund their station for the remainder of the year.  It may seem a bit strange to see firefighters selling fireworks, but it's not their first time to do it.  They say they've gotten a lot of support from the other fire departments, and firemen are shopping at their stand to show their support.

Monika Myers add her family were out shopping for fireworks, and they chose the firefighters' stand on Porter Hill Road.  "We spent more than I was planning on, but it's for a good reason," she said.  All of the proceeds from the firework sales go to the Porter Hill Volunteer Fire Department.  "This is one of those 'Dare to be Different' types deals where you need a little bit of an attention-getter for the community, to get them in," says Firefighter Scooter Mitchell.

The department raked in more than $4,000 in fireworks sales with their first stand's sales in 2006.  They say it worked so well that they brought it back.  "This is what keeps gasoline and diesel in the tank to where we can respond to the emergencies," says Mitchell.  He says it's a lot more money than they would make with a BBQ dinner fundraiser, but it's not the only reason they are out selling fireworks in the heat.  "We're using this opportunity to help educate the public," he says.  With each sale, they offer advice.  Customers get all of the "ins and outs" of fireworks safety.  Mitchell and his crew make sure shoppers know when and where to set off their sparklers.  "This way we can help eliminate a lot of the unnecessary grass fires and workload on the departments."

Myers says that she and her family will be buying their fireworks from the fire department's stand in the future.  The Porter Hill Fireworks Stand is open every day from 10 a.m.-10 p.m., and they say they'll stay open later if people are still shopping.  Lawton residents will be permitted to light fireworks only on July 4, between noon and 11 p.m., at designated areas such as Lakes Lawtonka and Ellsworth.