Drivers to see ethanol, gasoline blends July 1

Lawton_As the price of crude oil rises, so does the price at the pump.  Not only are consumers paying more for gasoline, so are gas stations.  So, some gas stations are now offering an ethanol gas mix which is less expensive.  However, according to some gas consumers, cheaper isn't always better - especially if they're getting fewer miles per gallon.

On July 1, all Oklahoma gas stations offering the ethanol gas mix will be required to post a sticker on their pumps.  Glenn Oil is selling the ethanol blend, and they say they think it's a good deal.  Their pumps in the Lawton area will sell the 10% ethanol blend, reducing emissions and lessening oil dependence.  The change likely will go unnoticed by the majority of consumers - what they care about is putting food on the table, and traveling as cheaply as possible.

Mike San Fellipo needs gas, but isn't sure how big of a deal ethanol is.  "To my knowledge I don't know of any benefits to it," he said.  But, there are benefits.  One ethanol distributor says that last week's cheaper gas prices were directly related to the ethanol blend since some gas stations recently converted to the cheaper mix.  "From what I hear, you get 80% of the mileage off the new fuel gasohol or ethanol," he says.  However, that also isn't the case.

While ethanol will affect your gas mileage, stations in Lawton will only offer the 10% mix - not 85%.  With the 10% mix, cars will be getting just a few less miles-per-gallon.  Instead of 25 miles-per-gallon with regular gasoline - vehicles will get just over 24 miles-per-gallon.