Lawton woman returns home to find dogs with zip-ties around necks

Lawton_A Lawton woman came home from work Monday to find her two dogs with zip-ties around their necks - someone had attempted to strangle her pets.  She says she found one struggling for air, and another not breathing at all.  Roscoe survived, but his son, Junior, didn't make it.  The incident occurred on the 1600 Block of Northwest 50th Street where the family says they believe someone reached over their backyard fence and wrapped the zip-ties around the dogs' necks, and they wonder how anyone could be so cruel.

Lena Galloway came home from work to the horrible sight of Roscoe gasping for air - a zip-tie suffocating him.  "I just ran in and called 911.  It shocked me.  It hit me so badly.  I got it cut it off of him and started looking for the other dog, his son," she says.  "He was over in the corner by where we water them - dead."  She says she found Junior in the same spot he had been born on two years ago.  "The dog suffered," she says.  "He had to have suffered...he couldn't breathe."  Galloway says she thinks Junior died near his water bowl trying to get a drink to open his throat - but it just wasn't enough.

She says she believes that someone must have coaxed the dogs with a treat before reaching over and fastening the zip-ties to their necks.  "It [the zip-tie] was on the top of their heads, so somebody had to come up from them and pull it."  Galloway believes Roscoe's thick coat may have save him by preventing the zip from becoming too tight.

Galloway says she'll be taking Roscoe to the vet to make sure there is no long term damage.

If you have information about this crime, call Crimestoppers at 580-355-INFO.  As always, you can remain anonymous and may receive a cash reward.  Count on 7News to keep you updated.