Get a jump-start on enrollment with LPS

Lawton_Enrolling a new student into Lawton Public Schools (LPS) can require a lot of paperwork and time, so the school district will allow parents to enroll students early this summer.  LPS says that early enrollment is especially helpful to families who are new to the area, and unsure of what may be required for their child to enroll.

Early enrollment helps to ensure that students enroll on time, and avoid missing school because of incomplete paperwork or records.  Parents say it's a big help since they can avoid the rush and get their child started in school on time.

Heidi DeMaree and her three children - ages 2, 4, and 6 - recently moved to Lawton and says she has her hands full.  She says she's willing to do whatever she can to save a little time.  "I just wanted to have it taken care of so I didn't have the stress of doing it later," she said.

LPS Administrative Secretary Veronica Myers helps parents determine what their children need for each new school year.  She says that many times parents come to see her at the last minute since they don't realize the amount of paperwork that is required.  "They have birth certificates that they need to bring at registration, and up-to-date immunizations," she says.  "A lot of parents, if they don't have that information prior to showing up, have to make an extra trip to the school."

Parents such as Mary Claytor can't spare an extra minute.  "Going to college and being a full-time mom, you kinda run out of time," said Claytor.  "So, I try to give myself as much time to do things as possible."

Linda Myers, LPS Executive Director of Early Childhood Development, says everyone benefits when students get a head start on enrollment.  "If you have those [early enrollments] all summer, and you get those filled out, your enrollment process speeds up.  Not only are the parents happy, but so are the schools," she says.

If you would like a jump start on your child's enrollment, Central Junior High School is open Monday - Friday from 9 a.m.-1 p.m., until July 31.  LPS provides enrollment information packets for each school to help parents get a jump-start on back-to-school shopping as well.