One dead in 2 semi collision

Grady County_Two semi trucks collided on Wednesday morning, killing one of the drivers.  The violent crash happened just east of Sterling on Oklahoma State Highway 17 in Grady County.  The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says that 42-year-old Darryl Jensen, of Duncan, was driving a truck heading north on a county road carrying heavy oil drilling equipment.  Troopers say he did not stop at a stop sign, and t-boned a semi passing by on the highway.  Troopers say Jensen was driving the mobile oilrig for a company named "First Call Well Service," based out of Velma.

A former Lawton firefighter witnessed the crash.  Mark Pack has been retired for about three years, but he says his first responder instincts kicked in.  "What my mind registered was a train coming into the intersection," he said.  He was driving behind the eastbound semi on Highway 17 when, suddenly, a mobile oilrig plowed into the side of it.

Pack says he rushed to help the driver of the oilrig, but it was too late.  "I believe it [his death] was instantaneous.  It appears he was ejected from the vehicle," he said.  However, the other driver from Lindsay appeared to be okay for the most part - amazing considering what hit his truck.  "That heavy of a rig...I'm sure it was very hard to stop, and he couldn't stop," said Pack.

OHP Trooper Jason Hensen says the truck's breaks may have played a factor.  "We can tell a little, there are some marks where he tried to stop a little further back, but even with those marks, it seemed like it was too late."  Pack says locals at the scene questioned the intersection's safety, and said that the stop sign is a surprise to many drivers.

Pack says he hopes other drivers will take caution on any road that they drive - especially this holiday weekend.  He says that after seeing what he saw on Wednesday, he knows he will.  "We get distracted in our driving," he said.  "I just know it really made an impact on me, and the rest of my trip today up to Chickasha...just visiting and talking to my wife about it.  It's going to make an impact on me for a long time."

The wreck left a lot of debris on the roadway, and OHP had Highway 17 between Sterling and Rush Springs closed until about 5 p.m.  They say the lane is now open.  7News spoke with a representative of First Call Well Service, the company Jensen was driving for, and he said they are looking into the crash to ensure that his truck was in safe operating condition.