Lawton baby falls from second story window

Lawton_In a parent's worst nightmare, an infant fell two stories from a window in west Lawton on Wednesday.  Police say they responded to 2 p.m. call at an apartment complex where an  individual, whose identity is not known, found an unconscious 14-month-old lying on the ground.

Police say that the baby fell from a window of a second story apartment, and now they are trying to determine how it happened.  The child was rushed to Comanche County Memorial Hospital for a CAT scan, and that soon after was med-evacced to Oklahoma City.  Police continue to investigate to determine whether the fall was an accident or a case of neglect.

A neighbor, who lives across the hall from the apartment, discovered the baby.  "I don't know...her eyes were rolling in the back of her head...,"  said Corrine Jacobs.  When police arrived, they say the baby was already on the way to the hospital, and they kept the mother behind to discover what happened.  "The window was opened - by whom we don't know as of yet - and the baby did fall out," says Lawton Police Captain Will Hines.

The baby's mother told police that she was unaware that the baby had fallen out the window until an unknown person came to her door to tell her that the child was lying on the ground outside.  Officials are still unclear how long the baby was outside.  "Right now we're trying to find the individual the came to her door," says Hines.  They say they that hopefully this person will help fill in the blanks as to what really happened.  "Each time this happens, we investigate each crime and talk to everybody that was involved to see if it actually was a crime or just an accident," Hines says.

Police say that the baby's father works out of town and was not home at the time the incident occurred.  Both he and the mother were on their way to Oklahoma City to be with the baby.

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