OB Ultrasound

Definition: An  OB ultrasound is a method of seeing the fetus and female pelvic organs during pregnancy.  The ultrasound machine sends out sound waves that bounce off body structures to create an image. OB ultrasounds involve no ionizing radiation.
Alternative names: Obstetric ultrasound, pregnancy sonogram, OB sonogram
Preparation for this exam: A full bladder is necessary to get a good picture. Therefore, you need to drink at least 32 oz. of water 1hr. before the ultrasound. You should not empty your bladder until after the exam.
How this exam is performed: You will lie down for this exam. A clear, water-based conducting gel will be applied to your skin over your abdomen and pelvic region. The gel will help transmit sound waves. A hand-held probe will then be moved over the region producing images.
Length of exam: 45min.