Cavalry to share Lawton fans with Sonics

Lawton_Oklahomans are buzzing about the relocation of the National Basketball Association (NBA) team, the Sonics, from Seattle to Oklahoma City just one year after the arrival of the Continental Basketball Association (CBA) team the Lawton/Fort Sill Cavalry.  The team has proven itself to be a great asset to Lawton/Fort Sill after surprising many fans by winning the CBA Championship in its first year.  Oklahomans love sports, so the owners of the Cavalry say they feel that the two teams will share fans rather than split them.

Now, with the CBA and the NBA, Texomans who love basketball will have two teams to cheer on for the upcoming season.  Cavalry Managing Partner Mike Brown says he knows that fans from our area will head up to the Ford Center to see games, but he says the Cavalry's following has just started.  "We won the CBA championship last year.  We had a great team - had a great experience - so, we're continuing to build our following as a brand in Southwest Oklahoma," he says.

Brown says the Cavs are focused on their goals.  "We going to go about building that brand from here - becoming financially successful," he says.  "In order to continue to have a strong league we have to have teams that have financial success."

Aside from financial success, the team is also successful in the community.  Brown says that the team feels like one of the model teams in the CBA because their players are involved in the Lawton/Ft. Sill community.  "We had people dressing up like our players so that's an exciting thing...that intimate level of a local team is something that Lawton is going to enjoy...that interaction with our team," he says.  "You know, Lawtonians that would go to a Sonics game may not have that kind of intimacy with the players."

If you can't get enough of the Cavs at the games this season, stop by Lawton's Central Mall where the team has an office stocked full of t-shirts, hats, and jerseys available for purchase.  You can even check out their championship trophy while you're there.

The Sonics are waiting for the Ford Center to undergo a $1 million facelift.  Renovations are set to begin this summer, and completed by Fall, 2010.