Last chance for quarterly large trash pick up!

Lawton_The City of Lawton has a cleanup drive every quarter for large trash items that the city won't collect during its regular trash runs.  A lot of people had forgotten that they need to set those large items out the night before the third quarter cleanup starts, and are now upset since they missed Sunday night's deadline.

If your regular day of service was on Monday, you are out of luck for this quarter, but if your regular trash collection day is Tuesday, you can still put out your bulk items and crews will make a list for collection.  Although there don't seem to be a lot of residents around Lawton taking advantage of the service, the city says it may be because there's less to put out.  With the new trash regulations, residents are permitted to put out a lot more trash than usual.

But, what if you have junk lying around after the quarterly deadline?  There are some items that are okay to put in your trash bins for collection - and Solid Waste Assistant Supervisor Jayson Powell says it's okay to do so...with restrictions.  "One thing that we don't want to see is boards with nails in them, sharp objects like that [uncontained].  If they have broken glass, stuff like that, they should be putting it in a can," he says.  "If we have high winds and stuff, those can be flying objects also - projectiles."

Just as with tree limbs, loose boards should be cut down to five-feet in length, and bundled together.  They will be collected on your normal collection date.  Powell also says that you should break down cardboard boxes.  "Most of these boxes that I looked at, they're packed with other boxes - so that's acceptable," he says.  "The only thing, the rule still applies to is no loose trash in boxes, no matter if it's clean up or regular pick up day, that rule still applies."

Most trash collection rules apply to every day pick up.  For example, if you have a city-owned cart, it can still only be filled to the lid.  If you still use cans, only three cans, and three bags, or any combination of the two will be permitted.  "If they do all that [follow the guidelines], then they should be collected on their normal collection date, so it'll be gone quickly and it may not have to sit the full two weeks."

It usually takes two weeks for large collection trucks to collect the bulk items on their lists.  On the first sweep, crews will take as much as they can and then log what they had to leave behind.  In their second sweep, crews will only take items listed on the first sweep and put out by the deadline.  No additional large items will be collected after the deadline.

If your neighborhood has converted to automated carts, remember to place your carts at least five-feet apart with their wheels to the curb to leave trucks room to pick them up.