"Sonrise Ranch" rehabilitation center packed with success stories

Cache_Celebrities sometimes enter rehab for two weeks and claim they've been cured.  But, experts say that the reality is that it could take a year to make a difference.  "Sonrise Ranch" is a Christian Rehabilitation center, in Cache, for men ages 18-40 with serious addictions to drugs, alcohol, or both - and most have spent time in prison.  Those who have served time arrive at the ranch through court orders, and the program is so successful that they now have a 90-day waiting list.

The ranch is equipped to rehabilitate 22 men, and they are over capacity - treating 35.  Even over capacity, they have a long waiting list.  Although they have been working on a $2 million expansion for years with material donations, and workers to do the building, they still need $320,000 to get the job done.

Doug Nies says it takes a lot for someone to admit that his or her life has slipped away due to drug or alcohol abuse, but turning to the "Sonrise Ranch" has proven to be an avenue to success in a new life path.  "The average success rate for secular programs is less than 10%," says Nies.  "Teen Challenge, through two independent studies that were done, has an average success rate of 86%, and at Sonrise Ranch we're at the top of that 86%."

A year-long rehabilitation would cost $80,000-$100,000 at another facility, but through churches and private donations and contributions, the program is free to men who are serious about sobering up, many of them returning the favor by working with the center.  "Over 90% of our staff were students at one time," says Nies.  "They've been there, and they've done that, and they know the pain that they've went through.  So, they're really sold on helping other people overcome the problems that they've had, and find the one thing that was the solution to the dilemma in their life."

Because of their success rate, they are overcrowded and using staff quarters to house everyone, and packing their group into a small chapel.  They've also lost some men in need of rehabilitation because of the long waiting list.  "In the last year there were two students who were on our waiting list that passed away waiting to come into this program," says Nies.  "One from a drug overdose, and the other one driving drunk.  We don't want to miss anymore, and we need help."

Sonrise Ranch's new facility will make it possible for them to rehabilitate 70 men at one time, and also provide a cafeteria, classrooms, and an office space.  But, the center says it's favorite feature will be a commercial kitchen.  Currently, they have one woman turning out 49,000 meals per year - using only one stove.

If you would like to donate to the Sonrise Ranch, visit http://teenchallengeusa.com/locations.php?stateID=36#results or call them at