Cache Mayor is a teacher too! Will he be Oklahoma's Teacher of the Year?

Cache_The mayor of Cache is also a teacher, and Nolan Watson's love for education has placed him among the elite as a top 12 finalist for Oklahoma's Teacher of the Year for 2009.  Oklahoma Superintendent of Schools Sandy Garrett made the announcement on Wednesday, and the Cache School District says they are proud to have him as an educator.

Watson has a unique style of teaching - he says he believes that the key to learning is through laughter.  He says no matter what background someone comes from, laughter brings happiness, and through that, he educates his students.

Watson's gift for teaching is written all over his students faces, and it's clear why he was nominated.  He says teaching is electric.  "That's the only word - it's magical.  It's something you can't see, you can't hold it in your hand, you can't taste it, you can't feel it. You just know it's there."

Watson's classroom antics are more than enough to keep his sixth grade students on their toes.  He says he believes that answering the world's problems should begin with educating America's youth.  "I don't think there's a problem that you can find that can't be solved with education," he says.  "Education isn't the solution, it's a major part of the equation for the solution."

Cache Middle School Principal Debbie Hoffman says students love to be in his classroom.  "Mr. Watson is immensely creative, so each year it's like walking into a new world when you walk into his room because it's completely different than the year before," she says.

Watson is also worldly - he has twenty years of service in the Army under his belt.  "Teaching social studies is a real asset to our kids because he has the real life experiences to tell them about different parts of the world," says Cache Superintendent of Schools Randy Batts.

Watson is one of 12 nominees for Oklahoma's Teacher of the Year - the only nominee from our area.  The winner will be announced during a ceremony at the Oklahoma State Fair on September 16.  Prior to being nominated for the state's top honor for an educator, Watson was named Cache School District's teacher of the year.

Count on 7News to tell you if he won.