A comprehensive curriculum is vital to all age groups.

We at Playcare Inc. Smart Start believe that caring for children is about building relationships with children and their families.  We believe that parent involvement, at home as well as in the centers, creates a positive learning atmosphere where children can safely explore their world.

Words of encouragement help promote a child's confidence during exploration and provide reinforcement while learning difficult tasks.  At Playcare Inc. our educated staff provides children with the windows of opportunity to positively develop their early experiences for successes later in life.

Our curriculum not only meets Child Development Associate (national credential for Infant/Toddler and Pre-K) competencies and goals but coincides with the Lawton and Cache public schools as well.  Playcare Inc. and the Cache and Lawton Public School systems provide reliable transportation to and from most elementary schools and all Playcare Smart Start Child Development Centers.

Developmental assessments are completed three times per year; fall, winter and spring, and within 45 days of enrolling in a Smart Start program.  These assessments track your child's progress and developmental milestones.

Infants (6 Weeks to 12 Months)

Babies come to our infant program as early as six weeks old.  Our experienced Staff provides the loving care babies need because we understand a child's first years are so crucial to future success.  We work closely with parents to develop routines that meet your family's needs.

Our staff provides a nurturing safe and  healthy environment for the children to begin developing large and small motor skills.  Language development is encouraged throughout all activities during the day through music and conversation

Explorers (1 to 2 Years)

 Our teachers and staff encourage these small busy people as they investigate their growing world.  Nurturing experiences are a big part of every toddler's day.  We provide developmentally appropriate activities for toddlers as they begin exploring, discovering, and adapting to their environment.

Social and cognitive concepts are continually being expanded and developed.  Music and language development is a vital part of our curriculum where finger plays and creative movement are part of the daily routines.

Adventures (2 to 3 Years)

Adventurer's activities include singing, reading, creative art and plenty of time for social interactions.  Our teachers follow the children's lead, responding to their interests, heeds and development level.  This is all part of helping them prepare for preschool.

Children's vocabulary and language concepts are expanding daily.  Hands on activities are part of the daily program, which include science, math, art, reading, and music.  Friendships are being established during free play as social skills are being developed.

Preschool (3 to 5 Years)

 We use Child Development Associate and National Association for the Education of Young Children accredited curriculum.  Our hands on activities and certified staff provide an enriched learning environment.  Center based learning encourages problem solving, social skills, language development, and physical development.

Social and emotional skills are expanded as children develop special friendships.  Gross and fine motor skills are being fine tuned while self-help skills are encouraged.

School-Age (6-12 Years)

School-age children love the independence and choices of the Lawton School-age Clubhouse.  Children assist teachers and other children with the daily activities.  Parent involvement is strongly encouraged at the Clubhouse.  Learning about family cultures and diversity is a priority.

Assistance and encouragement with homework is part of the daily activities.  The Clubhouse helps to develop positive character and independence.  Social and self-help skills are expanded to create a positive classroom and Clubhouse community and encourage future success.