Comanche County man witnesses man, mother stealing his property

Comanche County_A Comanche County man was arrested on Sunday night on larceny charges, and the people who say they are his victims say they are angry that his mother isn't also in jail.  The Comanche County Sheriff Ken Stradley says 49-year-old Robert Donald Morrison and his mother were found at a home on Southeast Baseline Road with an estimated $900 worth of property in the back of their van.  The homeowners say they were down the road when the incident occurred, and witnessed the entire event.

Sheriff Stradley says the woman involved in the incident was too ill to go to jail, but the victims say that she is just as guilty as her son.  "They had the van parked...backed up here towards the house, and had the door open on it," says victim Kevin Musgrove.  "You could see where they were walking back and forth from their car to the house."  Musgrove says Morrison and his 77-year-old mother began loading a window unit air conditioner, weed-eater, and even a car battery into the van - attempting to drive away with nearly $900 worth of property.  "We pulled up in front of them and blocked them in where they couldn't leave," says Musgrove.  Then, they called the police.

Musgrove says he is unhappy with the way authorities handled the situation.  "They showed up out here, and they wouldn't even take that lady to jail."  Morrison was arrested on larceny charges, but Stradley says the mother was taking medication and seemed weak.  "With the lady being her age, and with her medical problem, we decided just to give her an arrest and summons," he says.  Although the woman will be required to appear in court, she is not required to go to jail.

On Monday, the District Attorney declined to file charges against her, and the judgment does not sit well with Musgrove.  "I don't care how old she was, I mean, whether she was old or young, I mean, she's still stealing," he says.  Morrison is out of jail on a $1,000 bond, and Musgrove says that is also unfair.  "He could be back out here tonight stealing some more stuff."

Stradley says that Morrison had two prior second-degree burglary charges on his record, and the DA is reviewing the case to possibly increase the current charge against him.  Morrison's next court date is set for December 22, and he is facing Petit Misdemeanor Larceny charges that could hand him in jail.

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