Lawton woman pays for "invisible fence," company didn't do work

Lawton_A Lawton woman says she was ripped off and she isn't the only one.  She says she paid more than $6,000 for what she calls an "invisible fence" - because she never got it.  She says All Season's Fence Company cashed her check, but never built the fence.  She has won her case in small claims court, but still has not seen a dime from the company.

Dian Hendy was watching Home & Garden Television Network when she says she fell in love with a fence she saw.  She dialed the number provided for a company called "Jerith," and they referred her to "All Season's Fence."  However, "Jerith" says it no longer does business with the company because of too many customer complaints.

Hendy can laugh about it now, but says that being out $6,000 is no laughing matter, and completely unexpected.  She says she has seen the work of "All Season's Fence" and thought it would be a great investment.  "My neighbors have fences, and they look beautiful," she said.  "When it said "All Season's Fence," I thought, 'Oh! Yea, we know, we've seen their work.'  I had no reason to doubt that they would do a good job."

But, the company didn't do any job at all.  She says they cashed her check and never showed up for work.  So, she took them to small claims court.  "They never showed up at the courthouse and now we're out $6,085, plus the $285 for taking them to court," said Hendy.

Now, she wants to warn others.  Her advice:  "Do your homework - I thought we did.  It's hard to ever trust anybody ever again," she said.  "It's a lot of money, and we worked very hard to save up that money - to lose that much and have nothing to show for it."

Before Hendy could get her message out, a woman phoned her seeking advice...and she wasn't the first caller.  "This past year my husband did receive a phone call from a lawyer - someone else was taking them ["All Season's Fence"] to court."

7News was able to speak with a few others who have had problems with the company - along with the woman who called Hendy.  Hendy is in the process of filing a case with the district attorney if her money is not returned to her by Monday.  The Comanche County Sheriff's Department says they have had two other reports against the company.

You can count on 7News to follow up on any cases filed against "All Season's Fence."