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Sheppard welcomes new base commander, says goodbye to Gen. Devereaux

General O.G. Mannon General O.G. Mannon
General Richard Devereaux General Richard Devereaux

Wichita Falls_On Thursday, the Airmen of the 82nd Training Wing at Sheppard Air Force Base said goodbye to  Commander Brigadier General Richard Devereaux and welcomed their new base commander Brigadier General O.G. Mannon for the formal ceremony on the parade grounds.  Wichita Falls and Texas officials plus friends and family gathered for the formal ceremony on the parade grounds.

"As I look out over that beautiful formation, I just can hardly contain the pride in the 82nd Training Wing.  You look great out there," said Devereaux.  He is assigned to a new position at Randolph Air Force Base, and judging from the size of the crowd attending the ceremony, he will be missed.  "Your support enables Sheppard Air Force Base, not just to exist, but to flourish, to thrive, to do our mission," he told his troops. 

Devereaux made one final inspection of the airmen formerly under his command before handing the reins over to Brigadier General O.G. Mannon.  "I'm honored to be a part of your team.  We look forward to winning the war with your expertise," said Devereaux. 

Devereaux was also presented with the Legion of Merit - Second Oak Leaf Cluster - for his service as commander of the wing.  Under his command, the 82nd trained more than 140,000 warrior airmen for the nation.  His last speech to the airmen was emotional as he spoke of his pride in them.  "I am so, so proud to have served with each and every one of you.  Your integrity, your service, your excellence have been an inspiration to me."

In parting, Devereaux offered a bit of advice to the new commander.  "Hit the ground running, because you gotta sprint fast to keep up with the highly motivated men and women of Team Sheppard."  Mannon says he will continue to ensure that "Combat Capability Starts Here" at Sheppard. 

Devereaux will be the new Director for Intelligence and "Air Space and Information Operations at the headquarters' Air Education and Training command at Randolph Air Force Base near San Antonio.

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