Lawton Bat-mania

Lawton Bat-mania

LAWTON_After two years of production and over a year of advertising, movie-goers can finally see "The Dark Knight."  The newest Batman film is the sixth live-action movie about the caped crusader since 1989.

At 6:00 p.m., the lobby of the Carmike Cinema was packed with Bat-fans waiting to get into the theaters for showings at 7:00 and 7:30.  And there were plenty more in line to buy tickets, but unfortunately, many were turned away because the movie sold out quickly.

The theater came close to selling out all the shows today, and plenty of fans came out last night for a sneak peek at the latest Batman thriller.

Carmike showed "The Dark Knight" on four of their eight screens at midnight last night.  Over 500 turned out for the midnight matinee."I got my ticket on Tuesday and I went to the midnight showing last night," said Travis Stewart, who proudly showed off his un-torn ticket for the 12:01 a.m. movie.  "I definitely have to see it again."Repeat viewings will help already-thriving ticket sales.  Lawton's Carmike usually sells 20 to 30 tickets for the early-bird movies around lunchtime on Fridays. Over 100 packed the theater for today's 12:30 p.m. show of "The Dark Knight"."I thought we weren't going to get seats, and I was kind of hoping, praying, I would get the perfect seat, so I was here early, and I got it," said Jose Lizardo, who showed up before noon to make sure he got a ticket.

Batman buff Brent Hagen has been excited for this movie ever since he saw a teaser for it last summer."They didn't even show the previews for it," said Hagen.  "They just showed the name, and you could just hear people talking in the background and I knew it was Batman."

"The Dark Knight" only played on one screen in the afternoon, but by evening, they put the movie on a second so more fans could see the caped crusader.  And fans were ready, eagerly anticipating this day."I bought my tickets about a month and a half ago online because I knew crowds were going to be crazy tonight," said Bat-fan Wendy Weyher.

Many of the movie-goers have seen all the Batman movies, and the batmania buzz going around is that "The Dark Knight" is the best one yet."I wasn't a big Batman fan with all the old Batman movies," said Christopher Enge.  "But my friends said 'Hey, this is gonna be the movie of the year' and I saw it, and it is, by far."

For those who haven't yet gotten tickets to see "The Dark Knight," there will be showings all weekend at the same bat times, same bat theaters.