Tipton summer swimmers left high and dry

Tipton_While most kids are out of school, many of them are spending their sweltering summer days at the pool - but, not in Tipton, Oklahoma.  This year, the pool is closed because they couldn't find anyone who wanted to be a lifeguard.  The city has spent a good chunk of change outfitting the pool, and last year it was a big hit.  This year, they had to drain it and lock its gates.

Kids in Tipton are bummed.  In a small town where there isn't much for kids to do to beat the triple digit heat, a closed pool resembling a ghost town is not a welcome summer sight.  For the kids, news of the pool's closure couldn't have been worse.  Last year, 11-year-old Elizabeth Good and her friends spent their summer poolside.  "I was here almost every day," she said.  "It was really cool because it's only a couple of blocks away from my house, so it was really easy to come down here."

However, now Elizabeth is spending her school-free days riding her bike, visiting friends, and trying to keep cool.  She says that the pool being closed has put a damper on her summer.  "They said if we get new lifeguards, then they could probably open it up," she said.  "So I was like, 'Okay, so, they'll open up later in the summer.'  But it turns out they weren't going to be able to open it because no one wanted to be the lifeguard...we didn't have any."

Tipton City Mayor Marvin Huff is also disappointed in the pool closure, but says it was their last resort.  "It is not a moneymaker for the city - but that's not the point," he said.  "We wanted it for the kids.  I mean, just like building a park, the city makes no money out of the park, but we want it for the kids."

Elizabeth says she hopes the pool will soon open, and if it does, she says she'll be there every day - but, she isn't getting her hopes up or planning her summer around the chance.  "I'll just play it by ear," she said.

The pool closure isn't the only thing troubling the Tillman County town of Tipton - the city has also had a rash of break-ins...all in one location - the town's grocery store.  The robbers seem only to be interested in one thing, however - cigarettes.  Count on 7News to bring you the full story on Thursday, along with discussions of a two-cent tax proposal to help the city pay a hefty water bill debt and bring in funding to revitalize their downtown.