Stephens County family spends first night in their new Habitat for Humanity home

Stephens County_Stephens County's first Habitat for Humanity home was completed over the weekend, and on Sunday a family locked their doors and slept under a roof they built themselves.  The Huckabaa family worked with habitat beginning in February to arrive at the ribbon cutting ceremony.  With the help of contractors and builders, the family worked on the home, but say that the people who really made it all come together were thief family members and friends from church.

The Huckabaa family's son has a chronic medical condition that they must monitor constantly, and often must make trips to Oklahoma City for hospital visits.  Twenty-month-old Mason suffers from a rare medical disorder called "chronic intestinal pseudo obstruction", and only 100 people are known to suffer with the disease - there is no cure.  "It's very hard...extremely hard," said Crystal Huckabaa.  "We have to give him numerous medicines for him to live.  He's on what you call TPN, which is not a ventilator, but it is a form of life support.  He would not be with us if he did not have TPN."

The Huckabaa's previous home was crowded with all five members of the family, and Mason's home nurse.  But now, with their brand new habitat house, Mason's home health care has drastically improved, and made everything much easier on the entire family.  "This new house is going to help us as a family," said Crystal.  "We have more room for Mason's care, for the kids to have their own rooms, we have a place where they can go and play.  It's going to be, truly, a dream come true."

The family says they are proud to have helped build their very own home, and are grateful fro the help of Habitat for Humanity, their family, and their friends.  "It means more than words can say," said Crystal.  "As a family, we thank everybody so much."  Lieutenant Governor Jari Askins chipped in from the beginning, and in the end came back to her hometown to see the finished home.  She says she's proud of her community for coming together to build a house for such a deserving family.  "The people here are proud to be part of that kind of project," she said.  "It's a giving community, and the opportunity to be able to see the delight in the family as they received the keys...everyone wanted to see that today."

Habitat for Humanity is always looking for families who need a new home.  If you are interested in applying to work on your own home, call Habitat For Humanity at 580-250-1700.