Stephens County Sheriff's Primary

DUNCAN_In Stephens County, the Sheriff's office was up for grabs, as incumbent Sheriff Jimmie Bruner will retire at the end of the year after eight years in office.

In the Democratic primary, Jimmy D. Williams narrowly defeated Undersheriff Bob Hill, with 2,044 votes to Hill's 1,883.  "It was nice having the lead, but when you've got numbers coming in all the time, they could change at any time," said Willaims.

He said he was anxious, "just sitting there and waiting because until the last one comes in, it's not over with."

On the Republican side, Wayne McKinney beat out Tom Arnold.  McKinney received 1,413 votes to Arnold's 271.

McKinney saw a significant lead when election board officials revealed the write-in votes, but he refused to acknowledge victory until only one precinct remained to be counted out of the 29 throughout the county.  Now he's gearing up to face Williams.

"We're changing gears now," said Williams.  "We've got less than 3 months before the general election and we're gonna be working hard. We're gonna try to get there in November."

As McKinney and Williams prepare for the upcoming election, current Sheriff Bruner warns them the position is stressful and challenging.

"There's never a time to be bored," said Bruner.  "Every day presents a new situation.

"If you go into it thinking it's going to be a lackadaisical type, laid-back job, that's not the right attitude because every day brings a new event."

Bruner was Stephens County's first female sheriff, elected in 2000.