Drug raid leads to 3 arrests

LAWTON_Lawton police raided a duplex at 28 NW 24th Street shortly after 5 p.m. Wednesday with a search warrant--and found what they were looking for.

Detectives say they seized 11 grams of crack cocaine, three baggies containing a total of 124 grams of marijuana, and a weapon with a defaced serial number.

They arrested three individuals in the raid.  A male and a female face multiple charges which include possession and intent to sell the drugs as well as possession of drug paraphernalia.

The female is also charged with maintaining the residence where the drugs were stored.

Another male is charged with possession and intent to distribute an imitation substance.  Detectives referred to it as "turkey dope," and say it's a fake which dealers try to pass off as real narcotics.

Police will submit the three to the district attorney's office Thursday morning.  They will send the weapon to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

Detectives say they anticipate additional charges related to the weapon once they are able to identify the serial number.

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