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Teen Missing in Stephens County

It's been two weeks since a Stephens County man says his teenage daughter went missing, and he worries for her safety.

14-year-old Erika Groves was last seen in the Duncan area in mid-July with her 18-year-old friend David Repp.She lives with her mother in Fort Worth.  She was spending the summer with her father, Eric Gorbet, who lives in Central High.  Erika met David Repp there this summer, but her father didn't want his 14-year-old daughter to get together with an 18-year-old boy.

Gorbet said Erika's mother is from the Duncan area and came to visit in July.  She dropped Erika off at a friend's house, and while the mom was gone, Repp picked up Erika from the house and disappeared.

"I've talked to the Duncan Police each day about updates if they have any," Gorbet said.  "And I'm out every day with my brother's family passing out fliers."

The fliers have pictures and information about his daughter and Repp, including recent pictures of the two together Gorbet found on her camera.

He has had contact with Repp's parents, and says Repp drives a late 80s model white Chevrolet pick-up truck.  The license plate for the vehicle is 484-EDM.

Two days ago someone called saying they saw Repp at a Hop N Sack at Pumpkin Center, but he was in a red Ford truck.  The caller did not report seeing Erika.

"He has been spotted, and he has been in contact with his parents, but I haven't heard from my daughter in over a week," Gorbet said.  "She called one time, and said she was okay."

That was on Saturday, July 25.  Gorbet says he just wants his daughter returned home.

"I would just like to tell her that I love her and I'd like for her to come home."

If you have any information about Erika Groves or David Repp, contact the Duncan Police at 580-255-2112, or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-843-5678.

An information page about Erika can be found at the website for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

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