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WF Ind. School Dist., TXU Energy encouraging kids to go green

Wichita Falls_Some people in Texoma may not be excited about the sun beating down on them during the summer, but the Wichita Falls Independent School District can't get enough of it.  On Tuesday, teachers spent the day learning about solar energy in preparation for a National Energy Education Program that encourages kids to "go green."

A solar panel is wired to the internet where students can see how much energy the array stores, and exactly what it is capable of powering.  High School Biology Teacher Dan Patrick says that Texas certainly has plenty of sun, and that rather than oil, it's solar energy that is the next big boom for power in the area.  Wichita Falls teachers from third grade to twelfth grade all took part in a workshop showing them how to teach about solar power.  "I've always kind of been a conservation-minded person, so I think it's really good that we're learning about solar sources of energy," said Patrick. 

Vice President of Business Markets at TXU Energy, Nancy Perry, says searching for alternative energy is why TXU Energy made the decision to sponsor the Solar Academy.  "We're all aware of energy prices and things these days.  We have to look for alternative sources of generation," she said.  The sponsorship included the donation of a one kilowatt solar panel - a $25,000 piece of equipment - that at the time of the interview was generating enough electricity to run a television for 1,100 hours.  "We donated the panel so it could be a real live, breathing kind of a thing for the kids to see and touch and interact with," said Perry.

Patrick says that he thinks solar technology is the next big energy industry.  "There are going to be tons of jobs, lots of opportunities, and lots of money to make in it," he said.  "I think it's a great thing to be teaching kids about."

Wichita Falls Independent School District is one of 40 school districts in Texas to receive this training and solar array.  TXU Energy has already promised to donate $100 million for the next five years to help support energy efficiency projects.

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