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Cache Sonic employees aiming for Nat'l Carhop Championship

Cache_Some Cache employees proved that they're some of the best in the country on Wednesday.  The Cache Sonic crew beat out hundreds of other stores to earn the honor of one of the top 300 in the United States - and, that's only the beginning.  Their eyes are now set on Sonic's National Carhop Championship held in Orlando, Florida, next month.

Like most jobs, teamwork is vital, and it's definitely the case when you work in a small kitchen that must get food orders to customers quickly.  The crew in Cache is good at it, and may get the chance to show the rest of the country. 

Each time Sonic workers take an order, they never know if it will be a real customer, or a mystery shopper - someone hired by the company to test the store.  The mystery shopper judges the restaurant on their service, quality of food, performance, speed, presentation and accuracy - which is how the Cache Sonic got as far as it did.  A mystery shopper liked what he saw, and now the crew wants to go on to the Carhop Challenge in Orlando.

However, the team will first have to do well on a Knowledge Bowl in Cache this month.  If they are placed in the top 12 crews in the country, they will go head-to-head in a hands-on competition in Florida.  Cache Sonic Employee Kevin Rhodes says that they are judged in a number of areas.  "[After] you push the button, we have a reply time of ten seconds," he said.  They like to have their order taken within ten seconds, and once you place your order, we like to have it out the door within three minutes."  And, practice makes perfect.  "You practice with everything you make," said Louise Neugebauer.  "Because everything has certain amount of ounce, and that's part of the make it right, fast, and pretty."

Pretty food, served quickly, and correctly prepared makes customers happy - but, it also makes their jobs a little more exciting.  They say a little competition improves employee morale.  7News is keeping their fingers crossed for the crew.  They should know by the end of the month whether they will move on in the competition.  This isn't the first time the Cache Sonic crew has been honored - they also made the top 300 last year.

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