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Healthcare Struggle

LAWTON_A Lawton woman suffers complications from a c-section, and now she has severe brain damage.

Thing is, she doesn't have health insurance, and her family is left struggling trying to get care.

This isn't the first fight for life for 28-year-old Adrian Gohl.  When she was 20, she was diagnosed with lymphoma, and it recurred a year later.  She had a stem cell transplant, but after the cancer, she couldn't get private health insurance.

Adrian's story seemed like a miracle last summer, as she was celebrating her fifth anniversary of being cancer-free.

Doctors told her she'd never have children, but she gave birth to a daughter three years ago.  Last spring, there was a second miracle, as Adrian got pregnant again.

But now she'll need a third miracle.

In January, Adrian gave birth by c-section to her second child, Quinton, and things seemed fine.

"She came out of recovery alright and everything was good," said Kris Gohl, Adrian's husband.  "She was in a private room and we came in the morning and she had cardiac arrest."

Once resuscitated, doctors found Adrian had severe brain damage and she now needs constant care.

"Every 2 hours she's got to be rotated," said her mother, Lauren Dickey.  Adrian has to lie on a special airbed which keeps her from getting bedsores.

And she requires a lot of other care, Dickey says.  "Fed every 4 hours, physical therapy, occupational therapy, all of her meds, daily hygiene care."

And she's receiving all this care at home, because they don't have health insurance to get treatment in a hospital.  Dickey says that's because of Adrian's past health issues.

She qualified for medicaid, which covered the pregnancy, but won't cover all her expenses.   That's why the family wants to reach out to the Lawton-Fort Sill community--a community that before her injury, Adrian was active in.

"She was just doing part time work, like research for Cameron University," Dickey said.  "She would help mentally retarded children, show them their daily way."

Adrian's also a graduate of Cameron and was working on her master's degree, as well as being a mom.  Now, she's having to be taken care of by her mom and husband.

"I don't have a daily life anymore," Kris Gohl said.  "It's all work, 24-7.  You might get a five minute break, but there's something you're missing when you take that break.  It's too much."

There will be a benefit raffle for Adrian at the Comanche Nation Water Park on August 30. E-Z-Go is donating gas cards and the family is planning future fundraisers.If you'd like to donate to Adrian's care, the family set up an account at Fort Sill Federal Credit Union under the name Adrian Gohl.

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