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Back-to-School Bashes

LAWTON_What kid loves hearing the alarm go off in the morning?  Well, they're going to have to get used to it and the sound of that dreaded bell as Lawton Public Schools start Friday.

Thursday a lot of those kids set foot on school grounds for the first time since May.  Many schools held meet-and-greets for students and their parents, helping them prepare for the first day of school.

All students are heading back to school, but some are heading to new schools--6th graders start middle school and 9th graders start high school.  These students must get familiar with new buildings.

The events Thursday gave them a chance to get used to the new places before the bells ring Friday.

Sixth graders at MacArthur High School met teachers and practiced going from classroom to classroom for each subject--and got that practice without having 7th and 8th graders around the building.

"I think it's awesome," said Kelly Mims, whose son is starting sixth grade.  "I think it's going to be overwhelming tomorrow when the big kids are here.

"Makes me feel a little bit better as a mom."

Eisenhower High School opened its doors Thursday to the new ninth graders.  It provided an opportunity for the new students at the school to figure out where all their classes will be in the unfamiliar building.

"You could at least put your stuff in your lockers before time, and just get ready," ninth grader Kathline Sullivan said, about getting to visit school a day early.

Students aren't the only ones who benefit from the back-to-school bashes and welcome back nights.  It helps teachers and parents, too.

"We get to meet the parents one on one," said K.K. Wood, a teacher at Park Lane Elementary.

"We get to talk to them before school begins so that starts that communication going that a lot of teachers miss with those parents."

Many parents will have another opportunity to meet their students' teachers in coming months as most schools will hold open houses this fall.

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