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LPS students, parents pass transportation test

Lawton_For the past few weeks, parents have been upset by the fact that Lawton Public School buses won't pick up kids who live within a mile and a half of their school, so, Friday, many those kids were walking to and from school on the opening day of class. 

Timothy Glenn has kids in both Eisenhower Middle School and Senior High and he says it's not just the frustration, both for the kids walking along Gore Boulevard, which has no sidewalks, and just a few crosswalks, and the drivers waiting, but the routes kids have to take to school that's really concerning.  "18-wheelers use Cache Road to get to Cache and back, just like they use Quanah Parker(Trailway). Well, guess what?  That gets congested in the morning time. So what do they do? They use the next best street.  In the morning time, they go right up and down this street."

But the school district says there weren't any big problems Friday.  It was the usual school slow-down.  "The busing issue was not a big problem," said LPS Superintendent Barry Beauchamp.  "Kids got there.  Parents stepped up and took care of things, got their children there. We did have a couple of traffic issues, but, we always do."

Beauchamp says the traffic is always bad in the beginning -- because parents like the tradition of dropping their kids off on that first day. 

LPS Police Chief John Whittington backed that up, telling 7NEWS the situation should remedy itself in the next couple days.

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