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Eight lives left for Miss Kitty

Lawton_They say that cats have nine lives, and if that's true one frisky feline is down a life - eight  to go.  it all began on Monday morning when Brenda Kincannon drove home to Lawton after a family trip to Velma.  That's when she says she heard a faint meowing.

"At first, I thought it was from the store where we had stopped," she said.  "Then, when I got home and walked past the hood of the car, I heard it again.  I lifted the hood, and she was sitting on the battery." 

The stowaway was Miss Kitty, Kincannon's brother's cat.  She had crawled under the hood of the car to escape the rain, and got a little more than she bargained for.  "She rode all the way from Velma, through the high water and the rain and the bumps," said Kincannon.  "She survived, so this cat has eight lives left.  She's a survivor."

Kincannon says that Miss Kitty will be returned to her brother in Velma, but this time she'll be riding in style - comfortably inside the car.

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