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Waurika sees 12 inches of rain, but suffers no major damage

Waurika_Folks in Waurika saw 12 inches of rainfall overnight Monday into Tuesday - seven inches in only three hours.  City officials were assessing the damage at about 1:30 a.m. and say they are lucky the damage isn't really bad.  They say the water receded quickly.  There are currently reports of three homes flooding and two businesses, but there are some areas that remain under water. 

Barber Terry Kirkland's business was suffered minimal damage, but he says he wasn't taking any chances.  "Water got in here," he said.  "I watched it until 3 o'clock, packed stuff and then went home and took a nice hot shower and went to bed."  He has been cutting hair at his barber shop since 1975 and wasn't going to let a little rain stress him out or keep him from serving his customers.  Tuesday was business as usual.  "It was flooded about five or six hours ago, and he's back cutting hair already...so people are resilient ," said Waurika City Manager Chuck Brown.

What was once a railroad tank car now shuttles water into Beaver Creek, but last year floodwaters were so bad that the 6,000 pound tank was swept downstream.  Jefferson County Commissioner Billy Kidd says that he was relieved to see most structures intact.  "Last year we completely lost some bridges, and some tin horns were completely gone," he said.  "This year it's not that bad."

Kirkland agrees with Kidd.  He says he has been through six floods since he opened his shop 33 years ago.  He says the only thing he can do is mop up and keep a good attitude - and in this case, get back to work.

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