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Wichita Falls continues efforts to address flooding issues

The American Red Cross, United Way, and the Food Bank have joined forces to provide assistance from those affected by yesterday's flood. Anyone who needs continuing assistance should call the Red Cross at 322-8686.

Wichita County formally requested disaster assistance from the State of Texas on Tuesday, and the State will be forwarding that request to Governor Rick Perry for his approval. This action will clear the way for assistance, however, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has not been activated at this point.

Citizens who are in the affected area are cautioned not to spend time in contaminated water, and they are urged to call 761-7459 with their names and contact numbers in order to have Building Inspection staff schedule a FEMA format evaluation. Cleaning kits are also available at the Red Cross.

Reports as of 12:00 pm on Wednesday are that the flood levels have fallen by 12 inches in four hours. The Duncan pumps are still operating and those water levels should return to normal levels by Wednesday afternoon.

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