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About Jay Kinder

I was literally born into real estate. My father, John Kinder, started getting into real estate in 1977, the same year I was born, and I have been surrounded by it and loving it every second since. I grew up in Lawton and quickly became passionate about helping the community develop and grow.

Real estate is what I do; I am hooked on constantly gaining more knowledge about the industry so that I can best help my clients. When I'm not coming up with new innovative ways to market our resources or training members of the Jay Kinder Home Selling Team I am out and about across the country attending conferences and events to gain more information and contribute ideas on the business systems for real estate teams.

As for hobbies, as I said before I do real estate...however, I do devote every weekend available to my 2 great kids and family. I'm also into Harleys, football, fast boats and ATVs when I have the time.

I love working with the Jay Kinder Home Selling Team because it is a great group of people who are not afraid to think outside of the box while still maintaining the enthusiasm and perseverance that is necessary in the real estate business.

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