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Lawton man fastest lemon squeezer in Oklahoma

Lawton_Lawton's Dan Shelton is the fastest lemon squeezer in Oklahoma.  Shelton and 30 other competitors squeezed more than 400 lemons in just over 7.5 minutes in Tulsa over the weekend.  That's a lot of lemonade!  Shelton says it isn't really an art, but it does take plenty of practice.

Although there is no world championship, and it isn't an Olympic sport, Dan Shelton's name should be remembered.  For ten years, since he was only 14, he has been honing his lemon squeezing skills at Chick-Fil-A in Lawton.  This year word finally came - there would be a state competition.  "This is actually the first time they have ever done it, so it was just something I wanted to do," he said.  Not only did he do it - he did it the best.

The lemons are halved for the competition, and although competitors didn't have to cut lemons themselves, Shelton is fast at that, too.  One after another, lemons are fed into the squeezer, the juice comes out, and the peels hit the trash.  Shelton's advice for lemon squeezers:  "Just two hands and keep on going... stay focused."

He followed his own advice in the competition, and although Shelton says he was nervous, his competition didn't stand a chance.  "All these years finally paid off for something. so, it's a great accomplishment, I think," he said. 

Chick-Fil-A doesn't have a national or international competition, but Shelton says he'll be there if they hold one - he plans to bring the championship home to Lawton. 

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