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Couple weds at Elgin Sonic

Elgin_You may not remember the first time you ate a big mac...bit into a whopper...or tried to decide whether to eat a frosty with a straw or a spoon. But one local couple will never forget getting food at the Sonic in Elgin. They celebrated that trip to Sonic Wednesday -- by making an even more memorable Sonic stop...a wedding ceremony.

Christine and Dennis Mansil met at Sonic last November when Dennis was getting a drink.

"I came up here just to get a tea to drink, here at station 10 and she brought it out to me. I asked her if she was married, she said no she was single and it just went on from there," Dennis said. So he kept coming back in hopes of continuing to see Christine and it worked.

"I continued to bring his drinks out and he eventually asked if I was married, I told him no and he gave me his number and asked me to call him sometime and I did," said Christine.

They started dating in december and after a few months they got engaged. Dennis says, "Six months ago we got engaged, she moved in with me six months ago and we just started living it day by day."

But then it was time to choose where to get married. And Christine talked to her boss Damien Widner about doing it at Sonic. "About two months ago and i told them it was a great idea and i thought it would be great. They were excited about having it here," Damien says.

So they wed at the exact site of that first day in drive-in station number 10 -- the same place christine first delivered a drink to dennis -- an order dennis will never forget.

"I just got unsweet tea, it's what i get everyday, unsweet tea with lemon."

They decided to get married Wednesday because it's the birthday of Dennis' favorite guitar player -- Dimebag Darrell -- and he and his best man wore shirts in tribute to the late Pantera guitarist. The minister, who wore a suit while officiating a wedding at First Baptist Lawton last month, opted for a beatles abbey road t-shirt.

And though the black outfits and the location aren't your typical wedding, Christine shared at least one thing in common with every other bride....she said she was a mess.

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