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Heroic actions from an Altus Airman

Altus_Heroic actions from an altus airman far from the battlefield. Staff Sergeant Ken Williams rescued several people from a fire in some townhouses around three in the morning on sunday. Williams said he and a friend noticed the smoke coming out of the roof. His friend called 9-1-1, and Williams started banging on doors.

"One of the apartments, we actually had to go in and get people out of their beds. They had smoke in the room, and they weren't awake, and we managed to get them out of their apartment," Williams said.

He also rescued the man who was sleeping in the unit where the fire was, and then he used his skills as a former volunteer fireman to tackle the fire in the kitchen.

"I grabbed a metal skillet and I knocked holes in the wall to get the water inside the wall cause that's how the smoke gets up into the ceiling, it's a fire that's managed to get inside the wall. So i did what i could to get it taken care of," added Williams.

He said the fire department showed up within a couple of minutes, and helped finish off the job.

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