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Soldiers return home just in time for Labor Day

Fort Sill_Soldiers from the Delta Battery 1st of the 14th returned from the Middle East to Fort Sill just in time for Labor Day weekend.  They were greeted on Tuesday by families, friends, and fellow soldiers, who made sure they gave the troops a well-deserved homecoming. 

Families of soldiers know that their time together may be limited since they can be deployed at any time, and since some returning soldiers have deployed up to three times, families and friends put a high value on these homecomings. 

Balloons, flags, and smiling faces greeted the nearly 100 soldiers, and many drove hours from out of state to welcome them.  Mother Patsy Giangrosso and her husband drove six hours from Kansas City, Missouri, to make sure their son saw a familiar face when he stepped off of the bus.  "He's our son - our oldest son - and he's coming home," she said.  "We haven't scene him in a while...we wanted to be here.  We came two years ago, and we wouldn't miss it again for anything."

Patsy's son Corporal Eric Giangrosso says that all soldiers look forward to coming home, but not all get family greetings.  "It makes coming home all the better [when family greets you], it's great to have someone you care about comfort you when you get home," he said. 

Staff Sergeant Perry Samuel says that coming home can be emotional and stressful.  "It's always hard because you're going from a certain lifestyle of everyday living to something totally different, as far as mindset," he said.  His wife, Princess Samuel, drove from South Carolina to greet him, and says that after each homecoming, she's a nervous wreck.  "I'm excited, kind of scared...nervous, everything," she said.  "Like I'm 16 years old going out on a first date."

Most of the returning troops said they plan to spend time with their loved ones over the holiday, rather than make big plans.

Welcome home troops!

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