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WWII Vet beaten, left to die last year on the mend

Frederick_In November, 2007, Cam Finley of Frederick - a World War II Veteran - was beaten, robbed, and left to die on Veteran's Day.  7News Reporter Lindsay Vocht spent the next day with Cam in the hospital, and they've kept in touch ever since.

Nearly nine months later, Cam says he plans to file harsher charges in a meeting with the District Attorney on Friday.  The crime was an unimaginable offense against an 83-year-old man.  "When they left I was laying  dead in the floor as far as they were concerned," said Cam.  "I remember a whole lot more about that night then I did then."

Cam is doing much better these days, but says it has been a long road to recovery.  He has undergone eye surgery, oral surgery, and surgery to his head.  Cam says his jaw was so damaged, that his teeth had to be surgically removed.  He was losing use of the right side of his body.  "It's classified as a blood clot, had formed under the scalp on top of the skull, and it was pushing down on the brain," he said.  Although Cam isn't at 100%, he says he's thankful for how far he has come.  "The doctors are putting me back together the best they can," he said. 

Gary Shawn Nicholson is charged with the brutal crime against Cam Finley.  The man is charged with aggravated assault and battery, and first degree burglary.  But, Cam doesn't feel the charges are sufficient so he is scheduled to meet with the DA on Friday.  "If he can do that to me, why can't he pay for it?" wondered Cam.  He says he wants Nicholson charged with attempted murder and other charges.  "For attempting to kill an old man like me, I'd say probably 25 years," said Cam.  "I wasn't going to live forever anyway, but he didn't need to make sure of it that night."

Currently, Nicholson's trial is set for January 2, 2009.  Count on 7News to follow the case and bring you updates as they occur.

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