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Lawton police investigate hostage situation

Lawton_Police called in the SWAT team to a stand-off in east Lawton late Wednesday afternoon.

Officers received an emergency call around 5 p.m. about a hostage situation inside a house on Caber Circle--just off of SE 45th Street.  Police say the caller said a woman was trapped in the house and might be dead.

After a two-hour stand-off, police got the man to come out peacefully, and found the woman unharmed.

About 20 law enforcement vehicles responded to the situation, as well as an ambulance and a fire and rescue crew to provide support if needed.

Police chief Ronnie Smith say the caller told them she was visiting the people inside the house.

"She sneaked out the back door, called us on 9-1-1, whispering to our dispatcher," Chief Smith said.  "She was saying the person's name, saying she thought was dead.

"Of course we responded and did what we have to do."

Police arrived and found the caller.  Chief Smith says she told them a man was holding another woman hostage with a weapon.

"She told us she heard him beating on this woman and he told her he rolled up [the woman] in the carpet and so we didn't know what we had inside."

After two hours, police talked to the man on the phone, and he came out and gave himself up.  The SWAT team grabbed and handcuffed the man and took him to a squad car.

They found a woman inside and took her to another car for questioning.

"She says she wasn't held against her will," Chief Smith said.  "She says she was asleep. There's no marks on her, nothing to indicate she was harmed in any way."

The man told police he had no idea what was going on.

Chief Smith says Lawton police are familiar with the house--they searched it for drugs in June.

He also was not surprised by the condition of the people inside the house.

"This house is a frequent meth house.  We've done two search warrants on it, and they appear to be high on something today."

Chief Smith says there was a strong odor coming from inside the attic, but they didn't discover any drugs.  He says even though the caller appeared to be impaired by some narcotic, the officers took the whole situation seriously.

"We tied up a lot of people--the fire department, ambulance, a lot of police officers and everything.  We can't take a chance on somebody maybe being hurt or dead inside."

Chief Smith says if any of the people involved have outstanding warrants, they will be arrested.  If not, the police will file an incident report.

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