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Lawton teens ordered to stand trial for murder

Lawton_Two 16-year-old Lawton girls are on one step closer to being put on trial for murder.  On Thursday afternoon, the judge found enough probable cause to send Jade Burns and Kelsey Campbell to trial.  The two - along with Ricky Gallegos - are charged with the death of 82-year-old Johnny Thorp.

The girls testified that they met Thorp through a friend who referred them to clean Thorp's house.  They say that he would take them shopping, and, according to Burns' interview, also wanted to trade sex for money. 

Judge Ken Harris spent time thumbing through statutes about the charge of felony murder since it includes the use of a dangerous weapon.  According to testimony, the three did not obtain a gun until after Thorp was tied up and beaten, and Harris expressed concern that charges of felony murder may not hold up at trial. 

Lawton Police detectives Chuck Miller and Chris Hall described the scene at 248 NW 74th Street.  According to testimony, the 82-year-old Thorp was found face down on the carpet, blood was everywhere, and a red bandana and telephone cord were holding his arms behind his back.  His head was purple with multiple contusions - a result of being pistol whipped.

The girls stated in interviews, in April, 2008, that they had planned to "pull a lick" - street terms for a robbery.  After going to lunch with Thorp, the girls said that they went back to his house to wait for Gallegos.  They stated that after Gallegos arrived, Burns was outside when she heard a loud boom.  She said she then discovered Thorp lying face down on the floor with blood everywhere - Gallegos on top of him.  Burns said in the interviews that she found a gun which Gallegos used to pistol whip Thorp.

In her interview, Campbell said she recalled Gallegos screaming, "You're trying to get with my sisters," while beating Thorp.  After finding ninety dollars, the girls stated that the three took Thorp's truck, and later ditched it. 

The girls' attorneys are not giving up just yet.  They say they plan to challenge the constitutionality of the newly-changed youthful offender law, which now states that any first-degree murder suspect, aged fourteen and older, is automatically tried as an adult.

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