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Lawton woman jailed on embezzlement charges

Lawton_A Lawton woman is in the city jail on Monday on charges of embezzling nearly $200,000.  Office manager of the Family Medical Center, Cindy Crawford, is said to have been caught stealing business funds.  After an audit of bank records, the practice found Crawford had spent $180,000 on her personal bills.  Police say that when confronted by a co-worker with an audio recorder, she admitted to spending office money for three years.

Crawford was an employee there since 2000, and also hired her daughter, Jennifer Zemlin, who is also in jail after police say she admitted that her mother paid her for hours she did not work. 

When Lawton Police arrested her, Crawford said she would not give a statement without an attorney.  The police report states that the bank is printing what could be additional incriminating documents and the practice says it will have totals soon. 

You can count on 7News to update you when charges are filed.

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