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Is it okay to wear white after Labor Day?

Lawton_Labor Day isn't only a three-day holiday, it recognizes the Labor Movement in America, and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of U.S. workers.  It also poses a fashionable question - should you wear white after Labor Day?  Is it still considered a fashion tragedy? 

Nowadays, young and old locally say that wearing white after the holiday is no longer considered a fashion faux pas.  Almost any reservations about wearing white - or not wearing white - have been abandoned.  White purses, jewelry, and clothes included.  Shopper Betty Norman says she thinks she has the answer.  "I feel like you can wear white any time you want to wear it," she said.  "It's just an old tradition for people don't wear it after Labor Day, but I wear it all year long."

Another shopper, Stephanie Gray, says white can be worn as often as your favorite pair of jeans.  "It's a staple, a basic that every woman should have in her closet."  White comes in an array of hues, she said.  "There's so many different colors of whites or bright whites," she said.  However, there is an exception to the trend - and, it's a big no no.  Don't wear white at a bride's first wedding - that color is reserved for the bride - but is no longer reserved for the purest of brides.  A standing tradition, though - cowboys continue to trade in their straw hats for felt hats on Labor Day. 

No one is quite sure where the "no white after Labor Day" tradition began.  A little investigation did find a possible logical reason - temperature.  Fashion consultants suggest that since white reflects light and heat, wearing the color could make you cooler in the winter and should be avoided during colder seasons. 

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